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USESThis medication is used to treat men with prostate cancerand is used with other medications and sometimes with radiation treatmentsFlutamide belongs to a class of drugs known as anti-androgensanti-testosteroneTestosteronea natural hormonehelps prostate cancer to grow and spreadFlutamide works by blocking the effects of testosteronethereby slowing the growth and spread of prostate cancer.

Eulexin is an antiandrogenIt works in the body to prevent the actions of androgensmale hormones

Hot flashesdiarrheaskin rashincreased skin sensitivity to sunlightloss of sex driveimpotencelowered sperm countenlarged breastsamber or greenish discoloration of the urinerectal bleeding or inflammationor blood in the urine.

WARNINGRarelyflutamide has caused severesometimes fatalliver problemsImmediately tell your doctor if you develop symptoms of liver problemssuch as loss of appetitepersistent nausea/vomitingpersistent stomach/abdominal painsevere tirednessdark urineyellowing eyes/skinaching musclesjoint painLiver problems can happen at any time while taking flutamidebut they occur most often during the first 3 months of treatmentYour doctor will tell you whether to stop or continue flutamideYour doctor will monitor your liver function with blood tests while you take flutamideKeep all medical and laboratory appointmentsAvoid alcohol while taking flutamide.

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